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Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand—relax. If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it.
Osho (via buddhabrot)

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Because sometimes the best leaders are the ones who have no interest in leading. Those are often the ones who are most interested in doing what is right, not what is popular.
Joelle Charbonneau, Independent Study  (via tellmefive)

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#desiderata #quote

افتح فمك فقط إن كان ما ستقوله أجمل من الصمت

Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence

Arabic Proverb (via crystuls)

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85/365 by the constant emptying on Flickr.
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Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.
Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (via fuckinq)

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The Wicked Ones

And if God 
were to hear, 
Every haunting whisper, 
Every desperate prayer,

Well he 
Might just disappear,

To no longer hinder, 
To no longer care,

We hadn’t truly believed, 
Until it served to relieve, 
Some of our selfish desires, 
Our insatiable needs,

We had wished for sharper teeth, 
just to sink them nice and deep, 
into the throats of all the 
Unsuspecting, wonderfully deceived,

And if God were to hear, 
Every haunting whisper, 
Every desperate prayer,

Well he 
Might just disappear

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I’ve washed my crimson stained hands 
hoping the why of what I did will fade 
the lies I told don’t haunt anyone more than they haunt me 
on my search for freedom 
I encountered murdered dreams and wishes 
so I let them engulf me

Truth be told, I’m waiting for someone to uncover it all 
my bones frail, yet my feet won’t stop their running 
unconsciously leading me to the darkness

Pictures fade as memory washes away my guilt 
truth be told, I thrive off the pain I created 
my bones are frail, yet my feet won’t stop 
leading me towards the darkness

- Onyx

Gillian Anderson
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Gillian Anderson